Be Two Steps Ahead

Know What's Happening

Easy, powerful pre-built reports to understand LTV by time, product, discount code and marketing channel to optimize & grow customer value.

Be Two Steps Ahead

Accurate Data on Autopilot

Automatically pulls ad spend, COGS, shipping & revenue to an all-in-one dashboard to know your numbers and see performance over time.

Be Two Steps Ahead

Simplify Complex Decisions

Aggregate multi-store, multi-channel attribution and currency normalization to get a true view of how your brand is really performing.

5/5 Rating on the shopify app store

EZ-LTV automatically turns your data into an easy-to-use profit dashboard and cohort reports.

Be Two Steps Ahead

Group your customers into cohorts

Over 7 pre-built, powerful cohort reports.

Understand key details like ROAS over time, how long customers are active, and more.

Drill into a cohort to understand the key lifetime metrics of these customers over their lifetime.

Know When to Hold’em, Know When to Fold’em

Analyze your true profit and cost

4 dashboards and 17 key lifetime metrics.

Allows you to understand the health of your stores and customers.

Tie together all your costs like COGS, fulfillment, and shipping; in one centralized place to see your actual profit.

Connecting Ads to Orders

Full buisness analysis

Multi-Channel, Currency, & Store Support.

See key KPIs like AOV, ROAS and more at a glance, or get a detailed view through specific time frames.

Supports 12+ marketing channels allowing you to segment and understand how your marketing budget influences your key metrics.

Connecting Ads to Orders

And More!

Limitless features to grow your store.

Filter your metrics down to only include customers that are still predicted to be "alive".

See key KPIs like AOV, ROAS and more at a glance, or get a detailed view through specific time frames.

Let Uncoil Make Things Easy.

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EZ-LTV is selected this week as a Staff Pick on the Shopify App Store, a rare honor...
The rising importance of Lifetime Value (LTV) in 2021… growing CACs, decreasing CVRs. Shopify has been seeing this as major feature in the app store given all their communication around the topic. This is why they chose us this week, to help store owners find there hidden LTV.

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