Understanding your Shopify Store is not easy. We felt that too. Through our knowledge of eCommerce, we built out a basic business calculator. Its goal is to assist with understanding some of the key metrics you need to track daily to ensure success and profitability. We used it in-house assisting clients with calculations as Uncoil was in its Alpha Release, helping us make sense of our customer businesses. Most of the data has to be entered manually, but the Sheet does the heavy lifting with the calculations.

What does the template give you?

The eCommerce Excel Daily Business Template gives you a variety of metric components that would enable you to track your business with confidence and accuracy. This detailed Excel template will allow you to analyze the financial and operational performance of your eCommerce Shopify Store. As well, it allows for better consideration regarding the viability of the stores success.

Some of the metrics included in the calculator:

  • Shopify Revenue
  • Amazon Revenue
  • Total Gross Revenue
  • Shopify Orders
  • Shopify Units
  • Amazon Orders
  • Amazon Units
  • Total Orders
  • Total Units
  • Processing Fees
  • Amazon Fees
  • Total Fees
  • COGS
  • Fulfillment Cost
  • Shipping Cost
  • Total Product Cost
  • Facebook Ad Spend
  • AdWords Ad Spend
  • Amazon Ad Spend
  • Other Ad Spend
  • Total Ad Spend
  • Total Costs
  • Gross Profit
  • Profit Margin

Calculated CAC with Uncoil.ai

Or if you hate spreadsheets and want to save some time by skipping the data entry and analysis, you can use Uncoil.ai. Go from a spreadsheet to using Uncoil.ai, which automatically unifies data from disparate sources (like Shopify and Facebook) and applies sophisticated, real-time Artificial Intelligence surfacing optimization opportunities to increase revenue and profit. Thus removing the need to manually enter data into time consuming spreadsheets.

Get rid of your tedious spreadsheet and use Uncoil, The future of eCommerce Analytics!

Calculated CAC with Uncoil.ai

Calculated CAC with Uncoil.ai