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Who we are

We are a team with experience helping scale the biggest brands and agencies around the world. That knowledge has been curated into Uncoil to be used by any eCommerce company of any size to affordably increase their profits while saving hours a day.

Why we do this

We want to help entrepreneurs drive success in their business. We realized that actioning on eCommerce data was complicated and cumbersome with a steep learning curve. Armed with our experience and collected data, we set our sights on the goal to create the most statistically confident and accurate advertising engine in the world to ensure you can proactively increase profits and revenue while decreasing wasted spend.

Meet The Team

Our Story

Uncoil Founder Jason Kryski felt pain in his Performance Agency; Strawhouse Inc. “We were in spreadsheet hell”. The agency had evolved using a highly scientific data driven approach to customer acquisition but managing and actioning on that data was complicated and cumbersome. He realized that if he could build software that would tell the team when and where there were opportunities to optimize and then what they should do, it would make more stores, products and campaigns profitable. The opportunity to build an AI application was only possible because Strawhouse had already amassed a huge dataset, spending hundreds of millions of dollars in eCommerce advertising. Thankfully the strategy was right and Strawhouse rode this platform to becomingCanada’s Fastest Growing Startup in 2017.

Now Uncoil is a separate SAAS company, available to any eCommerce merchant to realize the power of AI and combined data. We want to help aspiring entrepreneurs drive success in their businesses.

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